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Специальные экономические зоны

Alabuga SEZ, Республика Татарстан
Lipetsk SEZ, Липецкая область
Lyudinovo SEZ, Калужская область
Moglino SEZ, Псковская область
Titanium Valley SEZ, Свердловская область
Togliatti SEZ, Самарская область
Dubna SEZ, Московская область
Innopolis SEZ, Республика Татарстан
St. Petersburg SEZ, Санкт-Петербург
Tomsk SEZ, Томская область
Zelenograd SEZ, Московская область
Altai Valley SEZ, Республика Алтай
Baikal Gates SEZ, Иркутская область
Baikal Haven SEZ, Республика Бурятия
Russky Island SEZ, Приморский край
The Turquoise Katun SEZ, Алтайский край
Murmansk SEZ, Мурманская область
Sovetskaya Haven SEZ, Хабаровский край
Ulyanovsk Vostochny SEZ, Ульяновская область
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Industrial Production
Alabuga SEZ
Lipetsk SEZ
Lyudinovo SEZ
Moglino SEZ
Titanium Valley SEZ
Togliatti SEZ
Technology & Development
Dubna SEZ
Innopolis SEZ
St. Petersburg SEZ
Tomsk SEZ
Zelenograd SEZ
Tourist and Recreational
Altai Valley SEZ
Baikal Gates SEZ
Baikal Haven SEZ
Russky Island SEZ
The Turquoise Katun SEZ
Murmansk SEZ
Sovetskaya Haven SEZ
Ulyanovsk Vostochny SEZ
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Industrial Production (6)
Technology & Development (5)
Tourist and Recreational (5)
Logistics (3)

Alabuga SEZ

"Alabuga" SEZ is located in the middle of Povolzhsky automobile cluster presented by "AvtoVAZ", "GAZ", "Sollers", "KAMAZ" and others. Moreover, "Alabuga" SEZ is located in the centre of the petrochemical cluster if Russia, where such companies as JSC "Nizhnekamskchim", JSC "Kazanorgsintez", JSC "Ufachimprom" and JSC "Salavatnefteorgsintez" produce the full range of polymers.

Priority industries:

  • Motor vehicles and components
  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction materials
  • Consumer goods

SEZ area: 1997, 34 ha

Lipetsk SEZ

"Lipetsk" SEZ is located in the European part of Russia, in the heart of a major metal-working cluster. It is the place where steel and rolled ferrous metals are produced. Moreover, Lipetsk factories produce refrigerators and other household appliances. Novolipetsky metallurgical industrial complex - one of the world's largest integrated metallurgical plants - is located in immediate proximity to the SEZ.

Priority industries:

  • Finished metal products
  • Machine-building
  • Vehicles, machines and components production
  • Construction materials.

SEZ area: 2 302 ha (в соответствии с Пост. Правительства РФ № 697 от 11 июля 2015 г. о расширении территории ОЭЗ "Липецк")

Lyudinovo SEZ

Priority industries

  • Medical equipment production
  • Machine components production
  • Instrument-making

SEZ area: 316 ha

Moglino SEZ

Priority industries

  • Machine-building
  • Instrument making

SEZ area: 280 h a

Titanium Valley SEZ

Sverdlovsk oblast is a region with the largest population and industrial output in Ural region, a major trac centre of Russia.

Priority industries:

  • Aircraft and shipbuilding
  • Motor-car construction
  • Instrument-making industry
  • Chemical industry

SEZ area: 721 ha

Togliatti SEZ

"Togliatti" SEZ is located in the immediate proximity to the major car manufacturers: "AVTOVAZ", "GAZ" and others. Chemical industry enterprises are also located in Samara region: "TogliattiAzot" (ammonia production), "KuybyshevAzot" (chemical fertilizers production), "Togliatti kauchuk" (synthetic rubber factory).

Priority industries:

  • Cars and auto components production
  • Building materials
  • Consumer goods production

SEZ area: 660 ha

Dubna SEZ

Dubna is an acknowledged research centre; the United institure of nuclear research, the Centre of space communication, Lomonosov nuclear physics research institute and other specialized institutions are located in the area.

Priority industries

  • IT technologies and telecommunications
  • Optical electronics
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Nuclear technologies
  • Biotechnologies

SEZ area: 187,7 ha

Innopolis SEZ

Priority industries:

  • Informational and communicational technologies;
  • Electronic technologies;
  • Nanotechnologies;
  • Biotechnologies;
  • Medical technologies

SEZ area: 294 ha

St. Petersburg SEZ

For a long time, Saint Petersburg has been a centre of precision engineering and electronics, which develop on basis of the research complex created by twelve research institutes, RAS institutes, scientific centers and educational institutions.

Priority industries

  • Information technologies and telecommunication
  • Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Precision engineering

SEZ area: 129 ha

Tomsk SEZ

Tomsk is one of the oldest research and educational centres, the place where Russian nanotechnologies were born and developed. It ranks the 1st place by concentration of high-qualified workers in Russia.

Priority industries

  • IT and telecommunication
  • Medical and biotechnologies
  • Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
  • Resource-saving technologies

SEZ area: 207 ha

Zelenograd SEZ

Zelenograd is an acknowledged electronic industry centre of Russia. Research-and-production with high scientific potential and modern technologies are located in the region.

Priority industries

  • Micro-electronics
  • Optical electronics
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Information technologies
  • Biotechnologies

SEZ area: 150,3 ha

Altai Valley SEZ

The Altai Republic is a wonderful mountain land − many-sided, multiform and heavenly beautiful. Its fresh air, majestic mountain chains, numerous rivers, lakes and waterfalls create conditions for development of all kinds of tourism.

Baikal Gates SEZ

Irkutsk oblast has a rich history: primitive men settlements (Malta is the most known); Russian colonization of the Eastern Siberia; Decembrists period - that is why every village has an architecture and historical monument in it.

There are more than sixty museums in the region, they attract historians and tourist from Europe and Asia.

Moreover, unique natural objects, first of all, Baikal lake and Baikal national park, are located in the region.

"Krugobaikalskaya" railway including 58 tunnels and galleries, more than 500 bridges and viaducts, about 600 supporting coast-protecting walls and 172 architecture monuments, is also very popular among visitors and residents of the region.

Mountain ski tracks in Baikalsk attract tourist, as well.

Baikal Haven SEZ

The Baikal lake is the deepest and the most ancient lake on the planet, the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world. Its surface area is 31722 km , which is approximately equal to areas of such countries as Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. According to scientists, the lake is 25-35 million years old; its maximum depth is 1642 m.

Baikal water is extraordinary clean and oxygenated, its transparency reaches 40 m.

Baikal is surrounded by Siberian taiga, mountain chains and steppes. The region provides conditions for development of all types of tourism. 800 thousand people from all over the world visit Baikal in the heart of Russia every year.

Russky Island SEZ

The Turquoise Katun SEZ

The Altai krai accumulates all the variety of Siberian nature: from mirror-like lakes and fast-flowing rivers to droughty steepes and plains; from untouched taiga to alpine meadows and mountain peaks covered by glaciers. The Altai Krai is also reach in healing mineral springs. Thousands of tourist visit this amazing part of Russia every year.

Murmansk SEZ

Sovetskaya Haven SEZ

  • Access to Tatarsky Straits, which is the only natural shelter for ships, regardless of the wind direction;
  • Proximity to the world’s trade routes;
  • Access to the Baikal-Amur Mainline - the trans-shipment point of the West-East transit corridor;
  • Access to the express transit way with exit to the Pacific coast of the USA and Canada.

Priority industries:

  • Port businesses
  • Logistics
  • Ship repair
  • Seafood processing

SEZ area: 290 ha

Ulyanovsk Vostochny SEZ

  • Located in the immediate proximity to transport corridors, which gate 19% of the world's aviation trac;
  • Access to the maintenance and repair services market for aircrafts of foreign manufacture;
  • Access to the air transport infrastructure;
  • Access to qualified work force;
  • Avaliability of the existing aircraft componentry cluster;
  • World’s second longest civilian runway

Priority industries:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Aircraft manufacture
  • Aircraft components production

SEZ area: 640 ha

World class

Special economic zone provides
its residents with world level

Tax incentives -
land, property
and transport
taxes - 0%

(For residents companies for
10 years from tax base


Free customs zone regime
working in the sez territory
makes it possible to import
goods without customs
duty and vat payment

Land plots
provided with
all necessary
and social

Free connection
to energy

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