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For Industry classification INVEST IN RUSSIA uses the “Industry Classification Thomson Reuters Business Classification” (TRBC)

TRBC is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and detailed sector and industry classification system available.

The classification consists of five levels of hierarchical structure. Each company is allocated an Industry, which falls under an Industry group, then Business Sector, which is then part of an overall Economic sector. TRBC consists of 10 economic sectors, 25 business sectors, 52 industry groups, 124 industries and 837 Activities.

TRBC is used primarily in the Financial Investment and Advisory space, where investors identify and select groups of comparable companies and look at trends. More specifically, this could be Investment Managers allocating funds and benchmarking their portfolios; Investment Bankers highlighting acquisition targets and opportunities for financial restructuring, or more generally corporates performing competitive analysis of their peers in the marketplace.

For details see http://thomsonreuters.com/business-classification

Thomson reuters business classification